I Parry Everything S01E01 1080p WEB H264-KAWAII

The Kingdom of Clays faces a dire crisis: an assassination attempt has just been made on its own Princess Lynneburg, and its neighboring countries eye the aftermath like starving vultures, plotting the Kingdom&s downfall. The ensuing conflict will shape the face of the continent for centuries to come...but Noor doesn&t have a clue about any of that! Having freshly arrived at the royal capital after over a decade of rigorous, isolated training at his mountain home, he&s dead set on achieving his childhood dream of becoming an adventurer, even if the only skills he possesses are useless ones. Sure, he can [Parry] thousands of swords in the span of a single breath, but everybody knows you need more than that if you want to be an adventurer! Our hero&s road to making his dream come true will be long(?) and arduous(?)—but if there&s one thing Noor&s not afraid of, it&s some good ol& fashioned hard work!

Release date: Friday 5th July 2024
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy


Show: I Parry Everything
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Season: 1
Episode: 1
Size: 1016M
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Date: 2024-07-04
Duration: 25 min 11 s

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